Ivanhoe Estates is a bespoke gated community located amongst the backdrop of a top-rated golf club in Ivanhoe, Illinois. It features some of the finest bucolic luxury living in Lake County with a mix of mature trees and rolling hills.
All residential property in Ivanhoe Estates is subject to a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. To maintain and protect the desirability of the property, the Declaration requires all Ivanhoe Estates owners to obtain written approval before any exterior or landscape changes are made on their property.

  • chevron_rightWhat is Proper Security Gate Etiquette?
    Resident Stickers
    Security Gatehouses stand at each of the entrances for the Ivanhoe grounds. The Ivanhoe Estates Security Gatehouse is located at the Route 60 entrance. It is staffed with guards during the daytime.
    Residents are supplied with a sticker that is affixed to their windshield and transponders that are installed in cars and automatically open the gate. After hours, when the guards are gone, guests of residents can use the call box to gain access to the neighborhood. Each homeowner can obtain a unique code for gate access to use at their discretion for guests.
    In order to maintain flow of traffic, if a transponder or sticker is in possession of the driver, please use the right lane when entering the Ivanhoe Estates entrance and maintain posted speeds. If assistance is required or you need to use the callbox, please use the left lane.
  • chevron_rightHow are my Association dues used?
    The Ivanhoe Estate Homeowners Association has a monthly assessment charge that includes maintenance of common areas (road maintenance and repairs, snowplowing, and landscaping), security guards, disposal and recycling services.
  • chevron_rightIf I move into Ivanhoe Estates, who provides the utilities?
    Ivanhoe Estates has vendors that work within our specific area for household utilities. The following is a short list of area service providers.
    • Electricity - ComEd or Vendor of Your Choice
    • Gas – Nicor
    • Water & Sewage – Aqua Illinois
    • Disposal & Recycling – PrairieLand Disposal
    • Cable & Internet – Vendor of Your Choice
  • chevron_rightWho maintains our roads?
    All roads and common property are private and owned by the Homeowner association. Special Service Area #17 of Lake County was approved by property owners as a vehicle to maintain the roads, street lights and stop signs within both the Ivanhoe Estates and Ivanhoe Woods associations. This fee is set by the respective Board of Directors and is added to the individual homeowner’s property tax bill.
    In addition, Ivanhoe Estates roads were repaved and heavily damaged curbs were replaced in 2020.
  • chevron_rightWhat Association approvals are required?
    The Ivanhoe Estates Association strives to maintain the luxury appeal of our gated community by upholding the standards that the original residents created. Therefore, the Homeowners Association has created several guidelines for homeowners. Written approval is required for exterior or major landscape changes.